Terms Of Use

                                                 Please read and understand the terms of use.


Tour Organizers' Obligations and Duties (after having submitted the participant's application form);

  • to inform the participant about the tour's schedule, accommodation and all the relative details
  • to pick up the participant from Thessaloniki's airport SKG Makedonia and transfer to his motorcycle or from the White Tower of Thessaloniki (White Tower is the most known cultural monument in Thessaloniki and easily accessible) center and back
  • to organize the briefings in the mornings, in every tour, before the tour begins
  • to follow the participants from the beginning of every tour until the end of it
  • to offer a meal on every tour
  • to collect the participant's motorcycle in case of a crash, collision, mechanical or electrical failure only during every tour
  • to transfer participant's or rider's family or other members by the Vans and follow the organized tours
  • to pass all participants via Ferry Boat to Ammouliani Island and back in the third organized tour
  • to transfer all participants in the organized tours in case of bad weather conditions
  • the meal during the third tour will take place in a tavern in case of bad weather conditions
  • to have photographers and videographers shooting the significant moments in the organized tours along with their equipment
  • are not responsible if a participant's motorcycle has a crash, collision, mechanical or electrical failure or he-she causes an accident involving a third party even if this happens during an organized tour (support will be held with Extra Charge)
  • are not responsible for any third-party's injury or death caused by a participant, a rider or a passenger or any other person or cause even if this happens during an organized tour
  • to refund the full payment back to the participant without any fees in case of an official cancellation of the Event due to the COVID-19 or any other similar pandemic situations
  • to offer a motorcycle to rent in case of traveling by airplane and to transfer the participant to pick up the rented motorcycle (an Extra Charge will be applied)
  • to offer motorcycle transfers from all countries to Greece and back (an Extra Charge will be applied).



Participants' (Riders/Drivers and all the Other Members of the Group) Obligations and Duties;

  • to have his motorcycle in good technical condition
  • to have valid insurance for his motorcycle
  • to have valid driving license
  • not to drink alcohol and not to do drugs when driving the vehicle and during the tours
  • to wear all the necessary safety equipment to ride a motorcycle
  • to follow the Highway Code and driver's manual
  • not to make stunts and ride in a dangerous way causing harm to himself and third parties
  • to follow the instructions of the tour organizers for safety reasons and security in the organized tours
  • not to overtake the Road Captain except in an emergency situation
  • to stay in the line and to follow only the organized tour
  • to start the organized tour with a full tank (the cost of the fuel is covered by the participant) 
  • to inform us 30-days before the start date of the event if he chooses us to ship his motorcycle from his country to Greece










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